Forget | Pogo

Forget | Pogo

Video recommended by Fernanda Xanat López Ortega from Mexico, collaborator of Arttextum's Replicación


The war photographer who reinvented himself off-the-grid

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4 Non Blondes – What’s Up

Music video recommended by Arttextum

50 Years Ago, This Was a Wasteland. He Changed Everything | Short Film Showcase

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Small acts which bring about big change

Small acts which bring about big change

Video recommended by Mick Lorusso from the USA / Italy, collaborator of Arttextum’s Replicación

Musical instrument uses 2,000 marbles to play incredible music

Music video recommended by Arttextum

Hablamos con el mexicano que creó la hamburguesa de chapulines

Entrevista recomendada por Arttextum

Diálogos con el paisaje “Embalse del Muña”

Diálogos con el paisaje “Embalse del Muña”

Video recomendado por Arttextum