Utilizing natural processes as a reflection of social dynamics!

Have you ever wondered how your interaction with the natural environment affect social dynamics? What if you could translate your key life events by following the patterns of nature? Arttextum calls these creative exercises LANDSCAPE-MINDSCAPE Workshops,and you are invited to participate in this Ring of Fire Landscape-Mindscape workshop, in Japan.

Arttextum is in your town! Take advantage of these nomadic workshops, because we tend to move often. On November 1st, 2017, we will be giving a workshop in Saitama, JAPAN. Learn the nendo dango (seed bombs) technique and combine it with strategies such as intuition, passion, strength and inspiration, that help in dealing with crisis.

At the same time and place, Arttextum artist Mick Lorusso will conduct another workshop, “Micro-Macro-Nano Climate” in which participants will learn about bacteria’s important role in the ecosystem and will make woodblock prints on triangular flags based on these ideas. 

Join us in utilizing the “nendo dango” seed bombs technique to change your surroundings.

Outdoor nomadic workshops
Our drawing workshops are fun, since nature is our classroom and the main subject are your most important life events. We will give the workshop as part of the International Openair Expressions leaded by Yuguen Onodera san, at the Tokyo Denki University, Saitama campus, Japan.

Art material is provided 
We’ll teach you the seed bombs technique, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing material. Learn this agricultural technique and apply it in this participatory art work.

Small groups / Open to all ages and levels of expertise
We are focused on giving the best to each student, that’s why we’ll try to keep every class in small groups. Whether you are a professional artist or a curious amateur, we want you to learn and experience your growing skills, and we’ll guide you.

Landscape/Mindscape as a theme
Learn our unique technique of metaphorize your most important life moments into elements of the natural landscape.

Schedule for Saitama, JAPAN

November 1st, 2017.

10am until 1pm.

FREE and Open to the Public!
Art material is provided. 
Small groups.

Meeting point:
Bus stop on the main entrance of 
Tokyo Denki University, Saitamahatoyama campus
and then Building #2 2131 B! :)

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Still have questions? Send us an email to info[at]arttextum.net

About the instructor
Frida Cano (CDMX, 1982) Visual artist and art curator. Cano holds a Master of Arts (Exhibition and Museum Studies) from the San Francisco Art Institute, CA, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture and Photography) from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, National Center for the Arts, MX. She has exhibited mainly in the US, Mexico, Japan, and Germany. Along with her sister Wendy, Frida co-created the transdisciplinary art project Arttextum and, since 2012, they collaborate with the Ministry of Culture, Madrid, Spain for developing this project. As a cultural producer, Frida understands the importance of her role in helping out a world that deals with crisis, by grasping the core of human beings and translating it into visual artwork, texts, and daily interactions.

Frida Cano is a beneficiary of the Apoyos Especiales, 2017, FONCA. This workshop is part of the International Openair Expressions and it is possible thanks to FONCA’s support and Subdirección General de Promoción de las Bellas Artes, Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Madrid, Spain.


Schedule for Buffalo, NY: coming soon!

Schedule for Mexico City: coming soon!


Arttextum introduced its nomadic workshops in the Durango area. During the Autumn of 2017, we experienced a great interaction with people who approached our workshops. We chose drawing as a technique to be learnt and as a way to imagining the impossible worlds that inhabit our minds!

See you soon Durango and thanks again for this wonderful experience!

About the Workshops

We like to think that all of us have a special (and sometimes hidden) artistic talent inside. Let that creative spirit be free with our nomadic workshops and dare to see your life as never before! The groups we teach are small, because we care about providing sufficient time to each participant. Whether you are a professional artist or you are simply curious in learning art techniques, the LANDSCAPE-MINDSCAPE Workshops are for you!

The nomadic workshops are a satellite project of Arttextum. The project employs formal analogies in which artists are shown as the creative rivers that flow over the artistic terrain, and the art venues are presented as mountains, lakesgeysers, and valleys; the creative analysis forms the cultural landscape of the art scene today. The methodology developed by Frida Cano and Wendy Cano is also applied in various cultural projects, and shown around the world. Arttextum, Weaving of Cultural Agents Inspired by Latin America is an original idea by Frida Cano, in collaboration with PhD candidate in Philosophy of Science Wendy Cano and the Subdirección General de Promoción de las Bellas ArtesMinistry of Education, Culture andSports, Madrid, Spain, 2012/2017. Arttextum had an initial support of the ENDESA Scholarship for Ibero-American of Cultural Heritage, managed by Fundación Duques de Soria, 2012/2013.

Guide your actions:

Strength / Force